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Have you ever been frustrated by an incomplete or inaccurate index?

We've all been there. We go to the index to look up a topic we know should be covered in the book, and we can't find it in the index. Does this mean the topic was not included in the index, or does it mean that it is not covered in the book? Or maybe we look up a topic, but when we go to the page, we either can't find the information, or the information we do find is so trivial that it was a waste of our time to go to that page.

Is this a book you would keep on your bookshelf to refer to again? How easy would it be to use as a reference? Would you recommend this book to others? Would you rush right out to buy another book by the same author?

Credibility is important, and a quality index will add credibility to your book. The index can have an impact on how people perceive the book and, consequently, on how well that book sells. People look at the index to tell them how completely a book covers the subject when deciding which book to buy on that subject. An inadequate index may lead to the conclusion that the book is incomplete in its coverage of the subject, regardless of how comprehensive the book may be.

You put so much time and effort into creating a great book, so why limit its success or usefulness with an inadequate index?

At ENDSWELL INDEXING we will create an index for your book that is comprehensive, accurate, well-organized, and highly usable. Our indexes can influence bookstore browsers, librarians, educators, book reviewers, and your peers to buy your book and recommend it to others as an authoritative source.

Please contact us to discuss your next indexing project. 
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Professional Indexing Services
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