Professional Indexing Services
Specializing in back-of-the-book and electronic indexing

Why hire a professional indexer?

Professional indexers possess the technical training, experience, objectivity, perspective, and speed needed to create quality indexes that meet your specifications and are completed within your time frame.
  • We use sound information retrieval principles and methods
  • We possess skill in interpreting, analyzing and organizing complex information
  • We quickly grasp and organize the concepts in your text from the readers’ perspectives
  • We are adept at understanding multiple user needs and perspectives and incorporating them into indexes that meet the needs of users at all levels of subject matter expertise, from novice to expert
  • We guide your readers to all the important information in your book
  • Our indexes can influence bookstore browsers, librarians, educators, and other potential users to buy your book
  • Our indexes can help your book receive positive evaluations from your peers and reviewers who will recommend your book as an authoritative source

An index by ENDSWELL INDEXING will enhance the value of your book making it a resource readers and users will refer to time and time again and recommend to others as an authoritative source.

Please contact us to discuss your next indexing project. 
We look forward to working with you.

Professional Indexing Services
P.O. Box 525, Bolton, MA  01740
"Make sure your book ends well with an index from ENDSWELL INDEXING!"

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